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Stargres  is one of the biggest producers of stoneware in Poland, present on the market since 2005. In the company’s portfolio, there are tiles for the interior and for the exterior, in a wide range of formats and structures. The Company’s biggest priorities are high quality and ecology of production, which is why all of the company’s products meet even most rigorous Polish and European norms.

The design of Stargres’s tiles is the result of the work of the most prominent Polish, Spanish and Italian design studios. A combination of modern design and commitment to the quality of production and finishing makes the products of Stargres attractive for the recipients not only in Poland and in Europe, but also in Asia and in Africa. The company’s clients appreciate both the aesthetics and the resilience against changing weather conditions and against chemical substances.

Innovative products are the Stargers’ speciality, who, as the first producer in Poland included 2-cm thick stoneware (STAR 2.0) in their offer. The porcelain stoneware is characterised by a wide range of possible applications, e.g. on terraces and in gardens. For the purposes of the project, we also created a special installation system.

Stargres Ceramic tiles

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